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Our Patron's Message - Gordon Harcourt

I was flattered to be asked to be the HopeWork Foundation's patron, and I was surprised - surprised because I didn't see how my experience was relevant.
Then I met Kate Johns and Paul Osborne. They reminded me that I had suffered brain injury - I was knocked out by a high velocity cricket ball in 1995, and I was thumped by a car dealer in 2011. The first one did a lot more damage, but the second one hung around for a bit too. I've had a few good laughs over the years about both, and talking to Kate and Paul I realised that we take this stuff too lightly. I'm OK (I think!) but plenty are not.

High profile sports people get plenty of deserved attention over this stuff, so what about the everyday battlers who aren't on telly? That's where HopeWorks comes in.

Kate has battled for years, and her sense of mission shines from her. It's pretty inspirational.
Read her bio on the HopeWorks website. It certainly gives me a bit of perspective on my daily troubles.

But again, apart from a couple of bonks on the bounce, how am I relevant to HopeWorks? Well, my career with Fair Go was about helping people out of tight spots, but it was more about information to prevent others falling into the same hole. And HopeWorks is all about information. HopeWorks can't fix your head injury, but they can help you find a way forward. 

HopeWorks is a rich resource, powered by people with massive hearts.  If I can help nudge stuff along in some small way for Kate and others and for HopeWorks, then I can rest a little easier every night."      - Gordon Harcourt September 2016