Body-oriented psychotherapy

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Body-oriented psychotherapy or Body Psychotherapy is also known as Somatic Psychology, especially in the USA. 

Somatic psychology is an interdisciplinary field involving the study of the body, somatic experience, and the embodied self, including therapeutic and holistic approaches to body. The word somatic comes from the ancient Greek root σωματ- somat- (body). The word psychology comes from the ancient Greek psyche (breath, soul hence mind) and -logia (study). Body Psychotherapy is a general branch of this subject, while Somatherapy, Eco-somatics and Dance therapy, for example, are specific branches of the subject. Somatic psychology is a field of study that bridges the Mind-body dichotomy.

There are many very different body-oriented or somatic psychotherapeutic approaches. They generally focus on the link between the mind and the body and try to access deeper levels of the psyche through greater awareness of the physical body and the emotions which gave rise to the various body-oriented based psychotherapeutic approaches, such as Reichian (Wilhelm Reich) Character-Analytic Vegetotherapy and Orgonomy; neo-Reichian Alexander Lowen's Bioenergetic analysis; Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing; Jack Rosenberg's Integrative body psychotherapy; Ron Kurtz's Hakomi psychotherapy; Pat Ogden's sensorimotor psychotherapy; David Boadella's Biosynthesis psychotherapy; Gerda Boyesen's Biodynamic psychotherapy; etc. 

These body-oriented psychotherapies are not to be confused with alternative medicine body-work or body-therapies that seek primarily to improve physical health through direct work (touch and manipulation) on the body because, despite the fact that bodywork techniques (for example Alexander Technique, Rolfing, and the Feldenkrais Method) can also affect the emotions, these techniques are not designed to work on psychological issues, neither are their practitioners so trained.

There is increasing use of body-oriented therapeutic techniques within mainstream psychology (like EMDR and Mindfulness practice) and psychoanalysis has recognized the use of somatic resonance, embodied trauma, and similar concepts, for many years.

Hakomi Experiental Psychology, Unitive Body Psychotherapy, Biodynamic Psychology, Bioenergetic Analysis, Client-Centred Verbal and Body Psychotherapy, Integrative Body Psychotherapy, Body-Oriented Psychotherapy, and Biosynthesis

Other stylized methods include:
  • Alexander technique
  • Eurythmy
  • Feldenkrais method
  • Franklin method
  • Qigong
  • Silva method
  • Tai chi
  • Trager Approach
  • Yoga (alternative medicine)
  • Zero Balancing

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The Mind Body Network

The MindBody Trust New Zealand was established in early 2004 to facilitate the inaugural “Exploring the MindBody Conference” and support the further development of MindBody approaches to healthcare in New Zealand. The word MindBody stems from the concept that mental, physical, spiritual, family, societal, and cultural dimensions play important roles in the maintenance of wellness and in the emergence of illness and disease.
Describes the work of Marjorie Rand, who created Integrative Body Psychotherapy. Rand is a Psychotherapist and Developmental Psychologist with 30 years of experience. The site includes articles and interviews.
Buteyko breath correction in New Zealand
Buteyko Institute of Breathing & Health
This is the page of The International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis 
Dedicated to the Practice of Mind-Body Psychotherapy
A good explanation of what is Bioenergetic Analysis, how it works, training, therapists, and events around the world.
Includes research, literature, and links to articles written on this topic.

Soul is a new MindBody clinic centre situated in Titirangi Auckland. /SOULs/ onsite clinic offers personalized consultations and treatments, in, remedial, relaxation and luxury massage, movement education, spinal manipulation, counseling, and holistic sports training.

Body Psychotherapy

Fadi Nasrallah  
Access Psychotherapy
027 455 3166

Ingrid Rose Nagl
Body & movement psychotherapy
181 Shaw Rd, Auckland

Auckland PsychoSomatic Integration Institute

PSI (PsychoSomatic Integration) is an overall evidence-based treatment approach for working with complex trauma and dissociation, that addresses the root causes of trauma-based presentations and fragmentation, and so results in long term recovery. Highly effective psychological and somatic techniques are woven into a carefully staged treatment approach, which systemically integrates significant relationships into the treatment process. PSI seeks to heal early experiences of abandonment, neglect, trauma, and attachment loss, that otherwise tend to play out repetitively and cyclically throughout the lifespan in relationship struggles. It is unique in that it approaches the body first (bottom-up processing) but also works to reinstate systems of meaning.

Judy Lightstone is the founder and director of the Auckland PSI Institute. 
She has been offering training, and supervision for mental health clinicians for the past 29 years. She has a PhD. with a specialism in Trauma Psychology and two Masters degrees, Counselling and Marriage and Family Therapy. In her Auckland New Zealand and online supervision and consulting practice, she specialises in training therapists to work with abuse survivors and with people with eating problems. She is a NZ Registered Psychologist #90-03237, a Certified EMDR Provider of Continuing Education, and a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #MFC32570 (currently on inactive status in the U.S.). Post graduate studies included EMDR from Francine Shapiro (founder of EMDR), Feminist Relational Therapy for Eating Problems with Susie Orbach (author of Fat is a Feminist Issue and Hunger Strike) and others at the Women's Therapy Centre Institute in New York City; and Somatic therapy from Pat Ogden (founder of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy). Publications include a chapter in the book EMDR Solutions II on integrating EMDR, Somatic and Ego State Therapy approaches in the healing eating problems, and an article on Compulsive Eating and Dissociation in the International Journal of Trauma and Dissociation. She developed and teaches  PSI (PsychoSomatic Integration) which is an integration of the above approaches.

Charlotte Bell, Co-founder Life Unlimited Counselling, 
Ponsonby, Auckland  
Email -
021 862962

Amber Davies, Support Centre Team Leader,  Youthline Auckland
Email -
021 535688

Judy Lightstone, PhD, NZ Registered Psychologist
Auckland PSI Institute
Phone: (027) 657 2106

Bioenergetic Therapists

The qualification, Certified Bioenergetic Therapist (CBT), is a post-graduate qualification, usually taking six to seven years to achieve. This qualification is issued by the International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis (IIBA), after a person has completed a four year training course and undertaken two to three years of supervised practice. Applicants for a CBT also have to complete a substantial case study and have their work and personal/professional development examined by two Faculty Members of the IIBA and be supported by the local Training Committee. The CBT has been recognized by the Psychotherapy Board of Aotearoa New Zealand (PBANZ) as one of the pre-requisite qualifications for Registration as a psychotherapist in New Zealand. The CBT is therefore both an international and national post-graduate qualification.

Certified Bioenergetic Therapists

Pye Bowden -Wellington  
Email -

Garry Cockburn - Wellington  
Email -

Cynthia Davey - Palmerston North  
Email -

Ferrell Irvine - Wellington  
Email -

Molly Lynch - Wellington  
Email -

Kate Dent Rennie - Lower Hutt  
Email -

Rod Sandle - Wellington  
Email -

Completed Training Course

Kristin Antarra - Wellington / Kapiti  
Email -

Rosemary Beever - Auckland  
Email -

Shar Cullinane - Kapiti  
Email -

Penny Currier - Wellington / Kapiti  
Email -

Shelley Gabrielle - Wellington / Kapiti  
Email -

Lorraine Fensom - Christchurch  
Email -

Clare Hiroti - Whanganui  
Email -

Anne Holleron - Wellington  
Email -

Francie Ivamy - Palmerston North  
Email -

Bronwyn Miller - Palmerston North  
Email -

Fliss Newton - Palmerston North / Whanganui  
Email -

Robina Nicholl - Whanganui  
Email -

Marilyn Simkin - Wellington  
Email -

Core Energetics Psychotherapy

Core Energetics® is based on an integrated vision of the human being: The physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects are unified. Through work with the body using physical exercises, deep breathing, cathartic experiences, and self-massage, energy blockages are released, feelings are expressed, and contact with one’s essence is established, enabling the client to integrate the many aspects of his or her self. Core Energetic therapists work with overt psychological dynamics as well as unconscious processes, using the body as an instrument of diagnosis and treatment. Powerful, out-of-awareness dynamics, stemming from relationships with parents, heredity, the environment, and the culture, mold the body and create an individual’s character structure and personality.

Jacqui Hunt
Core Energetics Psychotherapy 
144 Charles St 
Napier 4110
Phone - 06 834 1445 or 027 392 5797
Email -


Suburb Surname First Name Profession Ph No Email
Blenheim NZ Donaldson Bruce Psychology +64 27 861 3661
Christchurch, NZ Alvarez Grandi Sebastian +64 21 569317
Dunedin NZ Wallace Glenda Psychology +64 3 476 6044
Invercargill, New Zealand McKenzie Kay +64 3 2182 929
Lower Hutt NZ Dr Tom Flewett, Psychiatry phone: 022 5014566     Email:
New Plymouth NZ Messenzehi Martina Psychology +64 6 751 2815
New Caledonia Smadja Claudy Psychology +687 82 24 37
Paraparaumu NZ Thomson Duncan +64 4 903 0260
Rotorua NZ Begg Irene +64 7 349 3535
Rotorua NZ Madigan Gina +64 27 404 0333
Rotorua South NZ 3045 Begg Ms. Irene Counsellor +64 73493535
Wanganui NZ Seville Elinor Psychology +64 21 246 9192
Wellington NZ Benham Sue +64 4 806 0002
Wellington NZ Christie Lorraine Psychology +64 4 805 0357
Wellington NZ Crossland Julie Social Work +64 4 805 0354 
Wellington NZ Davidson Sally +64 4 806 1366
Wellington, NZ Dr Tom Flewett, Psychiatry phone: 022 5014566     Email:
Wellington NZ Hewson Gary +64 4 494 9170
Wellington, NZ Katzur Astrid Psychology  +64 2 2032 7478
Wellington NZ Margetic-Sosa Ranka Other +64 4 805 0353
Wellington NZ van Helden MaryAnn +64 4 806 1366
Whitby NZ Smith Vicky +64 21 174 0143

Suburb Surname First Name Profession Ph No Email
Auckland, NZ 1011 Clarkson Dr Anna +64 21 124 1226
Birkenhead Auckland NZ 0746 Waite Allyson +64 21 060 4992
Christchruch, NZ 8140 Doughty Dr Carolyn +64 3 364 0500
Christchurch, NZ, 8011 Wood Dr Deborah Psychiatry +64 3 337 7969
Eastern Beach Auckland NZ 2012 Davies Amber +64 2 1535 688
Lower Hutt NZ 5040 Wilson Kristy +64 4 570 9801
Nelson NZ 7010 Carter Michael +64 3 5461 936
New Zealand Benns Ms Cherie
Mt Victoria, NZ, 6011 Benham Ms Sue Psychology +64 4 801 2960
Palmerston North NZ 4440 Slabber Marilize +64 21 2284 674
Porirua NZ 5024 Everett Kirsty +64 4 381 1600
Porirua, NZ, 5024 Horrigan Dr Andrew +64 27 603 1044
Remeura, NZ, 1050 Hood Dr Ann Psychology +64 21 162 7582
Stokes Valley, NZ, 5019 Kowszun Ms Graz Other +64 4 563 7575
Tauranga NZ 3021 Owen Mr Michael Psychology +64  7544 0989 
Wanganui, NZ, 4500 Seville Ms Elinor Psychology +64 21 246 9192
Wellington NZ Morgenstern Angela Counsellor +64 4 8050355
Wellington NZ Ni Chonaola Mairead Counsellor +64 1 2336588 or +64 27 3141439
Wellington NZ Patel Gauranga (Rongo) +64 27 494 9170
Wellington, NZ, 6023 Schnellenberg Mrs Sarah Psychology +64 27 316 4498
Wellington NZ Singh Lorraine Counsellor +64 4 8050360
Wellington NZ Woodside Anne Social Work +64 4 2331574

Suburb Surname First Name Profession Ph No Email
Ashburton NZ 7700 Jackson-Donlan Mrs Sandy Social Work 0011 64 33081270
Eastbourne Lower Hutt NZ 5013 Hewitt Dr. Gordon Other 0011 64 45627101
Tauranga NZ 3021 Driessen Ms Augustine Psychotherapy 0011 64  7552 5295
Wellington NZ 6141 Vrielink Dr. Jeffery Psychiatry 0011 64 48050350
Wellington South NZ 6021 Narsi Mrs. Kim Psychology 0011 64 4208763

Gerry Brawn-Douglas
Registered Psychologist, MNZPS, Member of EMDR Institute, USA
Gerry has expertise in the area of PTSD. He completed advanced clinical training in EMDR in the USA and has presented with TABS at several Counselling Conferences.
Fees - sliding scale, Minimum charge $135 per hour.

Paula O'Boyle
Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences (Psychotherapy), Diploma of Integrative Psychology (Hakomi), Registered General & Obstetric Nurse, Member of N.Z. Association of Counsellors, Provisional Member of N.Z. Association of Psychotherapists
Phone (06) 878 3314
202 Queen Street, Hastings
Fee: $75 per hour Paula has a particular interest in working with issues of grief and loss, domestic violence and trauma.

Adrienne Dale, Adrienne Dale Counselling
Contact: 027 622 9116,
Address: Wellington; Coastlands (Paraparaumu)
Specialises in trauma, sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, supervision and EMDR

Kristin Antarra
Contact: 04 905 5888,
Address: 57 Ames Street, Paekakariki
Kristin is an experienced counsellor / coach / therapist who has extensive training in holistic disciplines such as mindfulness-based stress reduction, body-centred psychotherapy, energy psychology, creative therapy, couple work and trauma resolution.

Jeremy Logan
Contact: 027 433 2215
Address: 37 Perry Street, Masterton
Jeremy draws from a range of approaches and techniques which will depend on the nature of the presenting issues and the personality and needs of the client. He offers a non-directive, empathic, client-centred approach to counselling and have specific training in cognitive behavioural techniques, a narrative approach, and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and has experience working with a wide range of people with concerns such as grief, anxiety and depression, anger, couple issues, separation and divorce and life transition issues. He also offers general personal development work such as meditation and spiritual counselling and professional supervision I have also been teaching Insight Meditation and Mindfulness for over 20 years throughout New Zealand.

Walk the talk
Canterbury, New Zealand 
Serafin Dillon 
Tel 022 406 9398

Phoenix House
306 Great North Road
Henderson Auckland
Phone: (09) 837-1797


The Hakomi Method of Mindfulness-Centered Somatic Psychotherapy was first created in the late 1970’s by the internationally renowned therapist and author, Ron Kurtz. In 1981, to fully develop the method and promote the teaching of Hakomi, Ron and a core group of therapists and educators founded the Hakomi Institute. Today, Hakomi Trainings and workshops are presented throughout the world, in North America, Europe, Japan, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand.
Integrating scientific, psychological, and spiritual sources, Hakomi has evolved into a complex and elegant form of psychotherapy that is highly effective with a wide range of populations. The method draws from general systems theory and modern body-centered therapies including Gestalt, Psychomotor, Feldenkrais, Focusing, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming, and the work of Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen. Core concepts of gentleness, nonviolence, compassion, and mindfulness evolved from Buddhism and Taoism.

Dr. Nicky Baillie, M.B.Ch.B., FRNZCGP. MNZAM., Dip. Herb. Med., Dip. Int. Psych., CHT
The Herbal Health Centre
465 New North Road
Kingsland, Auckland 1021
0064 9 8494488

Ben Bennett, B.A., M.N.Z.A.C. 18 Goldsmith Rd.
Napier, N.Z.

Ingrid Hindmarsh, M.N.Z.A.C., C.H.T. 48 High Street,
Island Bay, Wellington 6023
New Zealand
0064-4-383 9090

Suzanna Langendam, B.A., C.H.T., N.Z.A.C. Courtenay Medical, Level 5
Symes de Silva House
97-99 Courtenay Place
Wellington 6011

Suhari Mommsen-Bohm, M.D., N.D., C.H.T. Willowbank Holistic Center, 4 Willowbank
Dunedin, N.Z.
0064-3-47306 00

Shanti Moonsong Huebner, Ph.D., C.H.T. 442 Manaia Rd.
Coromandel 3581, NZ
0064 7 866 8842

Jules Morgaine, D.I.P. O.T., M.N.Z.A.P., PBANZ, CHT, Certified Hakomi Trainer Haumoana 4102, N.Z.
06 875 1984

Julie Murphy, B.A., M.N.Z.A.C., M.N.Z.A.P. 18 Goldsmith Road
Napier, N.Z.
06 835 3538

Sarah Tait-Jamieson, M.N.Z.A.P., M.N.Z.A.C., P.B.A.N.Z., C.H.T, Certified Hakomi Teacher 3 Guthrie Rd.
Havelock North

Peter Waugh, LLB (Hons.), C.H.P. Box 11689
Wellington 6142
website: Waugh

Paris Williams, Ph.D., C.H.T.
Clinical Psychologist, #90-05403 1428 Cameron Road,
Greerton 3112,
New Zealand

Bobbie-Joe Wilson, C.H.T. 47 Stoke Street
Newtown, Wellington 6021
(04) 389 5352