Neuropsychological Assessment

Disclaimer: Below is a database of all Practitioners available within New Zealand for this discipline. A Practitioners presence in this list is not a recommendation from us. Where we have had repeated good feedback, we will show *Recommended* next to that person's name.


Dr Kathryn Murrell - Neuro Psychological Assessor
Health Partners Limited, Auckland
Phone 09 520 8197

Dr Kathryn Murrell - Neuro Psychological Assessor
NPsych Neuropsychology Services, Auckland
Phone 09 523 1917

Russell Wyness - Consultant Psychiatrist
Bexley Clinic, Auckland
Phone 09 520 5280

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Scott Nash
Clinical Psychologist
Community Neurobehavioural Service
(09) 815 5640
Hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays

Dan Goodkind, PhD - Clinical Psychologist/Neuropsychologist (experienced with brain injury and developmental disabilities)
Psychology & Counselling Associates
187 Powderham Street
New Plymouth 4310
Reception: 06 757 5897
Mobile: 027 545 5885
Confidential voicemail: 06 758 7699