Chiropractic was founded in 1895, in the USA, by Daniel David Palmer but it is now a much more diverse therapy than its origins. It is based upon the understanding that good health is dependant upon a normally functioning nervous system, especially the spine and nerves extending from the spine to all parts of the body. Chiropractic Doctors or Chiropractors, may sometimes refer to a patient's subluxation, which is a misalignment of the spine that interferes with nerve signals transmitted by the brain.

What Chiropractors Do
Chiropractors examine the spine (after taking a case history) to ascertain any injuries, accidents or tension that may be causing irritation to the spinal nerve roots. By reducing or eliminating this irritation, the body will operate more efficiently and more comfortably. They may also refer a patient for x-rays, Massage or Physiotherapy if this is considered to be necessary.

There is an emphasis upon nutritional and exercise programmes, along with advice on lifestyle modifications, as Chiropractors believe that the body is a self regulating organism with an inborn potential to be healthy. Pharmaceutical medications are not prescribed.

Chiropractic Treatment
Patients may need to be undressed for treatments by gentle manipulation or adjustment of the spine, which are usually performed on a special Chiropractic table. Length and frequency of treatments will vary from one practitioner to another and the degree of severity of the problem presented.

Providers (North to South)

Laura Edman  
Natural Grace Chiropractic Centre
Ponsonby, North Island
Phone: 09 361 3130  

Pure Healthcare
ORAKEI, North Island
Phone: 09 522 8222   Mobile: 021 881 959  

Life Expressions Chiropractic
Rosedale, North Island
Phone: +64 (0)9 4759700   Mobile: 021 027 426 62  

Queen Street, Parnell and Takapuna Chiropractors & Acupuncturists
507 Lake Rd, Level 3 Takapuna, North Island
Phone: 359-9333 Parnell, 366-7666Qst   Mobile: 0275151555 Parnell, 021453862  

Sheridan Brady-Kay Dynamic Family Chiropractic
REMUERA, North Island
Phone: 09 523 5663  

Mt Albert Chiropractic Centre
Mt Albert, North Island
Phone: 0-9-846 0029  

Sharleen Adams  
Chiropractic Healthcare Mt Albert
Mt Albert Mount Albert,
Phone: 09 815 0056  

 Dr Trevor Harbrow  
Harbrow Family Chiropractic
St Heliers, North Island
Phone: 09 585 2114   Mobile: 021 1101 964  

Dr. Rob Stewart  
Te Atatu Chiropractic
Te Atatu Peninsula, North Island
Phone: 09 834 0440   Mobile: 027 282 5956  

The Relax-In
Morrinsville, North Island
Phone: 07 889 4093  

Health-Performance Chiropractic in Hamilton
Hamilton East Hamilton, North Island
Phone: 07 856 0205  

Hillcrest Spinal Centre
Hillcrest, North Island
Phone: 07 856 6442   Mobile: 0210 415 779  

Waikato Chiropractic Clinic
Cambridge, North Island
Phone: 07 827 6994   Mobile: 027 491 9693  

Natural Therapies
Te Puke, North Island
Phone: 07 573 5533   Mobile: 0274 517 947  

Geoffrey Berry  
Paihia Chiropractic
Paihia, North Island
Phone: 0-9-402 8242   Mobile: 021 355 441  

Natural Healing Raumati
Raumati Beach, North Island
Phone: 04 902 1048   Mobile: 04 297 9999  

Total Health Chiropractic
Miramar, North Island
Phone: 04 891 0911   Mobile: 02102217138  

Miramar Natural Health Centre
Miramar, Wellington , North Island
Phone: 04 388 8635  

Hanmer Springs Massage - All Backs
Hanmer Springs, South Island
Phone: 03 315 5260   Mobile: 027 290 4958  

Northlands Medical & Sportscare
Papanui Christchurch, South Island
Phone: 03 352 2202