Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a simple method of re-educating the mind and body to improve movement, balance and coordination. It teaches how thinking becomes response in motion. It is taught by observing one’s own mannerisms while in motion, by training the body’s own sense of location and effort, called the kinaesthetic sense.

The Alexander Technique can be practiced during any activity, making any sort of body motion more efficient. It is most commonly taught in performance schools for dance, acting, circus, music and some Olympic sports. It can also be used remedially to stop stuttering, to improve ergonomics and to obtain full recovery. Its principles are useful in psychology, creative thinking, learning theory and philosophy of coaching.

Freedom of movement will always improve through practise, but depending on the causes of limitation structural posture may or may not improve. Motion is guided with hands-on modelling by the teacher whilst giving subtle indications of timing, direction and coaching.

The frequency of lessons and the speed at which the Alexander Technique is learnt depends on the student’s own motivation to shed old habits. The support from teacher and other students if in a class situation is very important therefore the sampling of a number of teachers is advisable.

Providers (North to South)

Maggie Harvey
Western Springs, Auckland City, North Island
Phone: 09 846 9728   Mobile: 0212513101  

Health Dynamics
Sandringham, North Island
Phone: (09) 815 7081   Mobile: 021 363 460  

Pelvic Health Physio
Hamilton, North Island
Phone: 07 829 7939   Mobile: 021 152 2350  

Gisella Warmenhoven
Tauranga, North Island
Phone: 07-5444823   Mobile: 027-2860891  

Brigid Meagher
Papamoa, North Island
Phone: 07 542 4417   Mobile: 027 679 1452  

Teresa & Michael
Alexander Technique Studio
Wellington Central, North Island
Phone: 04 472 2313   Mobile: 04 9058263  

Carolyne Jamieson
Wellington Wellington CBD, North Island
Mobile: 021 777 405  

Suryagita Cox  
Alexander Voice Works
Wellington Central, North Island
Phone: 04 934 1210 / 04 385 4342   Mobile: 021 029 050 56  

The Natural Health Centre
Wellington, North Island
Phone: 04 385 4342  

Tommy Truss
Mount Victoria, North Island

Belinda Walker ATTSNZ  
Lyttelton, South Island
Phone: 03 328 8968