The NZ healthcare system is unfortunately very complex. For those of us with compromised cognitive facilities, it can become rapidly overwhelming, and is often easier to give up, than to navigate our way forward. 

Often-times, unless you know what to ask for, you will miss out on help that is available to you. 
Over the best part of the last decade, I have learnt that the best approach has often been to write a list of all the things I need help with, big and small.  Then, regardless of which agency I am meeting, I can present it to the case manager with the simple question, "Do you do this?" The best and worse case scenario is then the same - a yes or no answer that even on the worst of days, I can comprehend.

This section will hopefully go some way towards outlining the different services and agencies, and what they can offer you.

I have included claim forms from most major health insurance companies on the following pages for both illness and injury.

I have also included standard application forms you can print out and fill in, with contact details of the agency concerned, and a brief explanation of what they are used for. 

If your health insurance company is not listed, or you know of other forms or advice, please email them to me at kate@hopeworks.co.nz and I will upload onto the site.