Right Track

The Right Track is an education programme devised as a proactive approach to driver education and training. It is intended to educate, motivate, challenge, inspire and inform young people through a range of experiences that will impact upon them and their families and help them make better decisions and choices in the future.

The programme -

Targets young people, adults and recidivist offenders within the Justice System who have been apprehended for Driving Offences that include, but are not limited to, ­Excess Breath Alcohol, Speeding, Loss of Traction, Failure to Stop, Driving without a Licence, Driving Care
lessly or Recklessly Causing Injury. The offender Is referred to The Right Track via an Alternative Action Plan, or as a result of a Family Group Conference, or by the judiciary through the court system;

 Targets the offender’s whanau and community as each participant is required to have a support person(s) with them for the duration of the programme;
Is based on participation in a 42-hour programme over a period of four weeks during which the learners are required to attend seven sessions staged on Thursday evenings (two hours) and Saturdays (full day);
Features a particular theme or emphasis in each session and involves a range of multi-dimensional, experiential learning activities designed for maximum impact. The diverse range of presentations ensures that all learners, whatever their learning style, have the 
potential to understand and learn from each activity;

Includes a Learner Handbook and Workbook to be completed during and after each session, and includes a Learner and Supporter Evaluation Section that is used for further 
programme development;

Is an innovative, evolving programme of activities that continues to develop as each session unfolds.

For more information, please visit their website - http://therighttrack.org.nz/

Contact:  http://therighttrack.org.nz/contact-us/

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