Hospice - dispelling the myth

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Even today, there lingers a great myth about Hospices... These stories seem to be the human equivalent of the ones in which parents tell their children that their beloved family pooch has been sent 'to a beautiful farm' to live - apparently designed to shield them from the realities of illness and loss. 
But never have those myths been so wrong. Hospices today are certainly not the last stop - in fact, they are one of the first places you should know about in the early days. Hospice services are free to all New Zealanders and their families, and are designed to support the emotional, spiritual and social needs of a person and the wishes they have for how they want to live.

Many offer a huge array of services, from guidance and support, to holistic therapies and workshops. These are places where you can meet others going through similar experiences, seek advice on practical or relationship matters, and best of all relax and recover when you need it. They are family-inclusive and offer respite from day to day life.

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