Residential Care

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Community Residential Support Services are one of a range of support services funded by the Ministry of Health. These services assist disabled people to live in a supported community environment.

Community Residential Support Services allow you to live in a home-like setting in your community, while receiving support for up to 24 hours a day. 

This might include help with things like:
        • shopping
        • preparing and cooking meals
        • household chores such as washing your clothes and vacuuming
        • your personal cares such as eating and drinking, getting dressed and undressed, and taking a shower
        • getting out and doing things in your neighbourhood, for example going to see a movie and visiting friends.
Paid staff are there to help with everyday activities and to find ways you can take part in your local community. This means having the opportunity to go to community places and groups, leisure activities and being able to socialise and meet other people.

You may be able to get Community Residential Support services if you:
        • are a New Zealand resident
        • are under 65 years old
        • have a long-term disability which isn’t covered by ACC.
Talk to your local Needs Assessment Service Coordination organisation to learn more

At the bottom of this page, you will find a PDF entitled 'Community Residential Support Services: What you need to know' which provides information on how to access community residential support services funded by the Ministry of Health, and the rights of disabled people who live in these services.

It covers things disabled people thinking of living in (or already living in) residential services, and their families and whanau, need to know - such as:
        • What are my rights and responsibilities?
        • What are community residential support services and who are they for?
        • How can I find out about going to live in community residential support services?
        • What is a home agreement?
        • What happens if my needs change?
        • What about money – who pays for these services?
        • What happens day-to-day in a home?
        • Can I choose my own doctor (etc) and who pays for these services?
        • Can I have my own personal equipment?
        • What about transport out and about in the community?
The Appendix has more information on rights and access to services for particular groups. It also has more information on benefits and financial information.

The second PDF is entitled "Community Residential Support Services factsheet"

This factsheet tells you:
        • Who can get community residential support services and how to go about getting it
        • Who pays for your community residential support services
        • Who you can talk to for more information
        • What other information resources are available from the Ministry of Health.

To view these PDFs in Maori, Cook Island, Samoan or Tongan, please click here