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Disability Magazines & Newsletters

Ongoing publications are a great way to stay up to date with all the latest information and support ideas.

Many NZ charities produce their own newsletters during the year, and joining a mailing list to receive these by email or post is easy. There are also resource catalogues and libraries you can subscribe to, a magazine for Carers, and government updates. I have listed these all below.

Internationally there are some wonderful titles also, but many do not offer post to overseas countries. It may be possible to pre-arrange/pre-pay for this or to view them online as PDFs.

If you know of any more great titles and resources, please send them to and I can add them to this database. 

If your organisation produces any titles, please email them through (or contact me for mailing details) and I will gladly have a look, and add if appropriate.

New Zealand titles

Adaptive Technology Magazine 

Allergy Today - quarterly magazine
Phone 0800 34 0800                                           

Information for Disability (Hawkes Bay) - bi-monthly newsletters
Phone 06 835 0781

New Zealand Tinnitus Association Inc. - quarterly journal
Phone 09 410 4939

NZ Spinal Trust Spinal Network News - quarterly newsletter
03 383 9484 

Motor Neurone Disease Assn. newsletter
Phone 09 624 2148

National Foundation of the Deaf COMMUNICATE Newsletter  

Phone 0800 473 4636

Polio Happenings - quarterly magazine
Phone 09 534 6151

Royal NZ Foundation for the Blind - OUTLOOK magazine
Phone 0800 24 33 33

The Disabled Persons Assembly - bi-monthly newsletter 
Phone 04 801 9100 

Without limits (formerly 'NZ disabled')- quarterly 

CBR news 

Kate to email - Email:  

Auckland Disability Providers Network Inc. Newsletters
(09) 636 0351

Caring for carers

Disability Resource Centre
Phone 0800 227 363

Kapiti Disability Information and equipment centre - Kapiti Grapevine e-newsletter
0800 69 33 42

Office for Disability issues
(4) 916 3300.

Te Roopu Taurima O Manukau Trust - Te Whetumaramatanga newsletter
(09) 276 6282

The Asian Network Inc - newsletters
Phone 09 815 2338

Good Practise Participate (Office for the community and voluntary sector)
Phone 4 495 7200

Arts Access Aotearoa
Contact 4 802 4349

Be Accessable - monthly newsletters
Phone 9 309 8966

Altogether Autism

Employers' Disability Network
Including EEO Trust monthly bulletin, Australian Network on Disability monthly bulletin, ILO Global Business and Disability Network newsletter and The Employers' Forum on Disability (UK) updates.
Phone 4 978 4142

Halberg Trust - Sporting opportunities for the disabled newsletters
Phone 9 579-9931



NZ Spinal Trust Network Library
Phone 03 383 9484 

CCS Disability Action Library Catalogue
Including 5,000 plus disability-related books, DVDs, and magazines.
Phone 0800 227 2255

University of Otago Disability Information & Support resource library 
Phone 03 479 8235

  • NZ Journal of Disability Studies
  • Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability published by AHEAD (Association of Higher Education and Disability)
  • The Skill Journal: The journal about education, training and employment for people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities

  • Deaf and Hearing-Impaired Students: Access to Postsecondary Education. (1995). A report by the National Foundation for the Deaf, New Zealand.
  • Kirkland C. (1990). University Education for Students with Disabilities. A report to the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.
  • Lang K. (1993). WE CAN DO IT University Education for Students with Disabilities. A report for CAN-DO (Campus Abilities and Disabilities Organisation), Victoria University.
  • McKay D. R., Rowlands M., Ballard K., Smith K., & Gleeson B. (1995). Disability and Tertiary Education: A study in three settings: A Research Report to the Ministry of Education. Dunedin: University of Otago.
  • Neilson W. & Ryber K. (1993). Does Mainstreaming Include Training Students with Disabilities To Be Teachers?. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the New Zealand Association For Research in Education, Hamilton.

International titles