The Browsery

I am one of those people for whom information is sanity. Whether good or bad, I would simply rather know, than not know. I needed an anchor in this storm. I have found comfort, laughter and answers within the pages of many a book. And at times, in reading another's journey, I have been overwhelmed by understanding, or of being understood, which I hadn't realised I so desperately needed.

I hope that you too may find something within them that inspires, uplifts or informs. 

If you have read, or watched, anything that has helped or moved you, please let me know at and I will add it to our list.

Sub Page Listing

Note: All books included in these lists are ones that have been personally read, and those that have been submitted to us. I have put a link with each book to a site where you can read more about the book, or purchase it. In most cases I have put the Book Depository UK or as a place to purchase these books, however this is neither an endorsement or a guarantee of the cheapest price. I did however find that they had an amazing library of books on the subjects listed, so it was a great place to browse for ideas and titles. The Book Depository UK has free postage to NZ, whereas you will need to pay international postage on, so be careful when factoring this into the price.

Another site to consider is, which is a NZ site, also offering free postage.