If you need mental health support, or are in crisis, please click here for support line information

For PREP and education talk sign ups, please use our contact page and we will organise home visits when it is again safe to do so

As always, take care, and be kind to each other

Hopeworks is passionate about changing the way that the public, private and medical sectors look at disability and the ways in which they communicate. We are driven to create a solid foundation upon which those with neurological conditions and brain injuries can be empowered through informed choices and information. 

The Brain Hub library : our online resource library with info on your condition, treatment services, entitlement and carer information, local community and support groups, not for profits, and much more. 

The Browsery : our free-to-borrow, free-postage book library housing over 1500 specialised titles. New books are added every month and requests for further titles are always welcomed.

What I Know To Be True : Kate's blog about what it is like to live with a brain injury and the gaps that exist in today's society for those trying to navigate their way through the health, justice and government systems.

Crisis and Emergency : A comprehensive list of crisis numbers and details for those needing immediate help and support

The Hopeworks Network : Over 4,000 like minded people have already signed on. If you are someone who is committed to doing the best by your patients and clients, friends and family, then join those of us committed to change.

Our Give A Little page, where you can support the work we are doing. The Hopeworks Foundation has  qualified donee status as per IRD requirements and is a registered New Zealand charity registration number: CC48051

Coming soon
Hopeworks Marketplace -
A one stop retail space where you can see and purchase anything that is available within New Zealand without needing to go through a middleman - including us! We will guide you direct to the suppliers where you can purchase all those bits and pieces that are so hard to find.

Hopeworks in the Community -
We want you to know what we are doing on your behalf and the progress we are making. Our In The Community page will keep you updated on all the latest initiatives, proposals, plans and successes we have in the pipeline and how you can benefit from, or get involved with, what we are doing. We have two exciting initiatives already under way with our friends in the Emergency services which I think will make a significant difference for those of us with disabilities...stay tuned!!

Hopeworks Goes Global -
We are passionate about reaching out and building relationships with those who are committed to change, and don't feel we need to be limited to only those who are local. We have a huge LinkedIn community from around the world who are advocating and creating and building and designing - and we want you to have access to them as well. We want to bring the world to you so you know what is being discovered, who is out there wanting to connect, and where else you can go to learn more. For all the ex-pats living in NZ, we will bring you a worldwide database of all the charities, non-profits and relevant groups in your home countries so you can stay informed in your native tongue and access information in the way you choose.

"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome" - Booker T. Washington